The 2 Sided Rubber Magnetic Knife Rack

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The  Knife Butler for Fridge -2 sided rubber magnetic knife rack. The all rubber rack grabs onto the side of your refrigerator and holds knives on the other.  One side comes with our black silicone and you can choose from our seven finishes for the other. You can pick the look you want, from wood grains, stainless steel, or cork. Explore from the drop-down menu. This Knife Butler doesn’t have to be installed in a permanent fashion. No holes to drill. No commitment. If you move you can take it with you.



  • No installation needed! Just place on side of refrigerator.
  • 2 Sided Reversible. Food-safe black silicone on one side.  Seven great choices for the other.
  • Knife Butler’s soft silicone or cork finish won’t ever harm your knives.
  • Two sizes for your needs. 11 or 20 Inches long by 1.5″ tall by 5/16 thick.
  • No commitment to permanence. Switch placement or location in seconds.
  • Hand made entirely in USA with AMERICAN made magnets.
  • Holds as many knives as there is space on it.
  • Great for graters, steel tongs, pizza cutters and any flat steel.
  • Silicone or cork surface provides soft landing every time
  • No instructions needed! Just place on side of refrigerator (not on door).


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Finish Color

Walnut, Rustic, Stainless Steel, Oak, Cork 1 Marbled, Cork 2 Layered, Rainbow


11 Inch, 20 Inch

6 reviews for The 2 Sided Rubber Magnetic Knife Rack

  1. Mitch (verified owner)

    This knife magnet is great! It holds my 10″ knives in a confidence-inspiring firm manner, without the risk of damaging the knife. That it can magnetize to the side of my fridge is a spectacular extra (few other magnets were double-sided). The 11″ magnet is actually strong enough to hold my 8″ cast iron. We’ll definitely be ordering a 22″ in the near future.
    Shipping was also blazing-fast, and I appreciated the handwritten (and mildly humorous) note from the seller.

  2. Drew

    Some people say, “The best design is one you don’t notice”. That’s how I would describe the Knife Butler. I’ve had it for over a year now and it does its job so effortlessly and perfectly that I forget it is even there! Not once has a knife that I stuck to it ever wavered or has the knife butler have slid or budged on my fridge. The magnetic attraction is so snappy and quick that it is a breeze to use. I had looked for double sided magnetic knife holders to put on the side of my fridge and this is one of the only ones I could find, and it just so happens to be perfect.

    The other key feature this has over other knife holders is that the face of it is coated in rubber making it so your knives don’t *clang* against a metal surface, like most are, and potentially damage the knife. This allows you to pull knives on and off quickly for more efficient work in the kitchen.

    You HAVE to buy this knife holder if you intend to hang your knives from the side of your fridge.

  3. Rick (verified owner)

    Was looking all over the internet for a knife holder I could use on my refrigerator as I that didn’t want one that require screws for an attachment.
    The KnifeButler solved my problem. It is well made and does an excellent job. The magnet for the refrigerator side is strong enough to hold all my knives securely. The magnet on the side for your knives is strong, but still allows you to easily remove the knife from the holder. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a quality knife holder that looks nice too.

  4. Heather (verified owner)

    I bought the 11 inch knife butler for the side of my fridge and I am very happy with it. It holds all of my knives comfortably and without any slippage. I have perfect confidence that my knives are staying put! (I have three small boys, I NEED my knives to stay out of reach. Always.)
    The silicone surface is gentle on the blades and prevents any annoying noises when you add or remove knives. The installation could not be simpler or easier – just set it on the side of the fridge. I’m very pleased with my knife butler and reccommend it highly to anyone looking for a smart, safe, and sanitary knife storage solution.

  5. Eileen Hunt (verified owner)

    Bought the 2 sided double magnet in cork. I can’t speak to durability yet but my first impressions are:
    1. Well made and attractive.
    2. Very strong magnets (on both sides, I bought the 11” for the side of my refrigerator. Securely holds 5 knifes -+ kitchen scissors).
    3. Low profile (which I prefer because it’s harder to knock the knives off).
    4. Affordable and made in the US!
    Well done and thank you knifeButler.

  6. Bethany (verified owner)

    We’re a military family who moves every couple of years and usually lives in rentals, so this knife bar is perfect for us. We used it in our last home and it worked beautifully. And now that we’ve moved to a new house and of course it’s completely different from our last house, we’re buying a second bar so that we can hang them vertically in the only place we can reasonably hang a knife bar (on the narrow bit of the side of the fridge that we can reach) so the knives can be stored securely. I’ve recommended these knife bars to several people since we bought our first one, and I will definitely continue to recommend them in future.

    • Knife Butler

      Hi Bethany, I’m so glad to hear you love your Knife Butler!! Thanks so much for recommending us to others. We love to see everyone’s knives hanging securely and conveniently! 🙂

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