Knife Butler Testimonials

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I am very particular about what I put up in my kitchen and had searched long and far before finding the Knife Butler.  I searched everywhere.  The problems I found were that most of the ones I found were either too long to fit on the side of my cabinets, way too thick, allowed the metal to come in direct contact of my knife blades, weren’t strong enough for my bigger knives, only came in black or wood color, they were just too darn expensive, OR they weren’t made in the USA.


  1.  First and foremost, it is made here in the USA, unlike almost all the other knife racks I have looked at.
  2.  It is easy to install because it uses super heavy duty stickem’ instead of requiring me to drill holes through my wall or cabinet.
  3.  I was able to get it white, to match my kitchen.
  4.  Because it is covered in silicon, even if I put up my knives wet, they won’t slide down and fall off.  Additionally, the silicon covering means that there is no metal to metal contact (which can lead to scratches on Teflon blades or rust if there is any water trapped.)  The silicon also makes them quiet so that when I am using them they don’t make clanging noises.
  5.  It is 11″ long so it fits great on the side of the cabinet, unlike most others which are either way too long or so short that they are a waste of space.

Thank you for the great product.

Houston Porter