Magnet History

Our magnet engineer has been tinkering with magnets ever since he was a kid. Like most boys he was perplexed by the way something could have a force that couldn’t be seen and only sometimes felt. It stuck in his head as he grew up, and after getting his engineering degree from Purdue University in 1951 he went to work for Indiana Steel which was the world’s largest producer of permanent magnets.  It was then that he wrote the book on permanent magnets. He became the first man to discover that greater force could be achieved by the use of multiple poling. Before his time all magnets had just one plus side and one minus. He started his own Company, Magnets Inc which then made the most powerful rubberized strip magnets which were used on refrigerators, copying machines, and lots of other products.

But all his magnets were hidden inside the products. Now the Knife Butler stands proud and ready to serve and looks great on your wall or refrigerator. Through the use of soft rubber covers including silicone and dimpling our magnets have developed a holding power which is as perplexing as magnets themselves.  They hold better the heavier the object is. They have no weak spots. They allow your knives to rest without a sound, quietly.  They don’t need crazy directions or tools to install. And one thing that our magnet guru engineer demands – they are made here in America – and his 85 year old hands still touch every single one that is made!

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